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JMC Academy
Nurturing The Brilliance In Every Student

Program and Service Description

Joshua Marie Cameron Academy gives every student:
  • The challenge to think creatively and to take intellectual risks.
  • Professional, compassionate and dedicated teachers.
  • Small classes that promote personal engagement with the curriculum.
  • A learning experience that honors, cultivates and inspires each student's intrinsic curiosity, interest, and capacity to learn.
  • Recognition that children learn in different styles and at different paces.
  • A pyhsically, socially and emotionally safe learning setting.
  • High moral and ethical standards.
  • A respectful, nonsectarian environment that welcomes diversity.
  • A community that celebrates learning as an exciting and life-long adventure.

Joshua Marie Cameron Academy serves students who have been assessed as having (SLD) Specific Learning Disability and (ED) Emotional Disturbance. The academic program is based on IEP goals, individual needs and unique learning styles for each student and covers all basic subjects required for high school graduation. Basic academics include Language Arts, History, Geography, Mathematics, Science, Economics, Social Studies, Physical Education and Health Studies. A full range of electives is also offered such as African American History, Family Life, Driver's Education, and Prevocational Training.


Our curriculum not only meets the graduation requirements, but also tries to capture the interest of students. Other services that are provided to address specific student needs include In-House Counseling, Family Advocacy & Crisis Intervention, Vocational with Job Placement Assistance and door to door transportation. Students considered for placement are those special education students who have been assessed as Learning Disabled and Emotionally Disturbed. Generally they must be referred by their local school district and have a current Individualized Educational Plan that is based on the District's academic curriculum. Once the referral packet from a district is sent to the school, the parent/guardian/surrogate makes contact with the school and the members of the student's home are invited into the school for a visit. The director and staff members explain the facets of the school. Admission to the school is based on a student's willingness to attend school and be successful, rather than on what the student's performance has been in the past. If the student is admitted, the District Placement Office is notified and the student begins class.


The major long term goals of the program include returning students to public school, developing appropriate vocational plans for the student, or completing all necessary academic credits for the student to graduate with a high school diploma. Mainstreaming takes place for those students who demonstrate sufficient skills that indicate successful transition into a less restrictive program in public school. Students who have completed all of the necessary credits and met high school graduation requirements under our program will graduate from the school with a diploma. When a student exits our school for any other reason, the District Content Specialist is immediately notified and a PAR (Pupil Accounting Report) is sent to the District. The student is then terminated from the program.

The Academy

Joshua Marie Cameron Academy is a private/non-public school (NPS) for students in crisis who have failed in other public and independent schools. The Academy accepts students ages 12 - 19, with significant learning, emotional, and behavioral challenges. The full-day program is creatively integrated with academics, individualized educational planning, behavioral management, and therapeutic counseling. The Founder and Executive Director is Gloria Wardell-Hampton, M.Ed.



Gloria A. Wardell-Hampton, Founder/Executive Director


Youth at Risk

JMC Academy also serves youth at risk who have failed in most other systems including home and public school. Often, these students are involved with the juvenile justice system, and have little hope or opportunity for success in their lives. This program was established to halt this process of failure. A variety of programs are offered so that students will succeed in school and everyday living.

A Place Where Hope Begins and Dreams Come True

California Department of Education

Joshua Marie Cameron Academy is certified and recognized by the California Department of Education/Division of Special Education.

**The California Department of Education/Division of Special Education does not sponsor this website. The California Dpartment of Education/Division of Special Education link accessible on this webpage is for information only and has been authorized by B. McDonald- California Dept. of Ed.


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