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JMC Academy
Joshua Marie Cameron Academy "A Special Place for Special People"


Excellence, Commitment, Dedication, and Measurable Difference. Our philosophy embraces the spirit of making a significant difference in the lives of students who are challenged with complex learning and behavioral disorders, by providing interdisciplinary educational, assessment and therapy, effective case management, and professional training.

JMC Academy Expertise

  • Focus on Multi-Problem/Perplexed Children & Families
  • Specific Learning Disabilities
  • Complex Behavioral Disorders
  • Elementary Age Students Exhibiting Developmental and Behavioral Challenges
  • Junior High and High School Students Exhibiting Developmental and Behavioral Challenges
  • Educational Problems and Learning Disabilities Concurrent with Severe Emotional Disturbance
  • On Site Speech & Language Therapy
  • On Site Educational Assessment
  • Behavioral Intervention & Management
  • Effective Case Management for Children & Families
  • Professional Training Programs

Mental Health (includes psychologists, psychiatric services, social services, child crisis, and family therapy)

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