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JMC Academy
Joshua Marie Cameron Academy "A Special Place for Special People"

Admissions & Intake Process

Admission to JMC Academy is based on the following criteria to help determine which students are eligible and acceptable for program placement:

School Districts Served- San Francisco Unified, Oakland, Alameda, Daly City, San Mateo, and Marin Counties

Tuition/Fees -Program is Free to all students referred by their Local School District/Department of Special Education

Age Range - Students between the age of 9 and 19 are eligible for placement.

Disability - Special Education students who have been assessed as (LD) (SLD) Learning Disabled, (ED) Emotionally Disturbed, (MCD) Mildly Cognitive Delayed, (MR) Mentally Retarded, (OI) Orthopedic Impaired, and (OHI) Other Health Impaired.

IEP Current - In general, students considered for placement must be referred by their local school district and have a current Individualized Educational Plan.

IEP/Pending  - Students without a current IEP will also be considered for placement, providing their local school district provides assurance that an IEP is pending.

Legal Action for Placement - A parent/legal guardian is pursuing legal action for special education placement, the student appears to need special education placement, and not being in school is a continuing hardship for the student.

Scholarship - The Academy will provide financial assistance or partial financial assistance for students who generally would not be referred by their local district, but still appear to need special education placement.

*Arrangements for scholarship students are made through the Academy Director.


Striving for Excellence

We Strive to Accomplish the Following Goals:

  • Provide a Comprehensive Academic Program
  • Adhere to State and Local School District Curriculum Guidelines
  • Help Students Return to Public School, Graduate from High School, or Obtain a G.E.D.
  • Address the Students' Individual Needs
  • Offer a Range of Electives that Meet Graduation Requirements (while making efforts to retain the interest of the students)


 Although most of our students are referred by San Francisco Unified School District, we also accept referrals from throughout the Bay Area.






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